Business Cloud Hosting

Welcome to MostHost Inc. This website represents the San Jose, California division of our cloud based webhosting services.

MostHost Inc. offers multiple IT solutions for your business needs. Our packages are perfect for anyone in the San Jose, California area that needs to establish a simple web presence, complete with social media integration to more complex technical needs such as Email security , Email Encryption, Hosted Exchange, HIPAA compliant Email, and Mobile/Laptop security to businesses and organizations of all sizes.

San Jose Cloud Hosting

We proudly utilize Softlayer to power our San Jose, California cloud services. Dependable servers in conjunction with Parallels Plesk Panel assures that your website is "always on" and responds quickly to all network requests.  

MostHost Cloud Services



Cloud computing is an exciting technology that helps to conserve energy and reduces electronic waste by maximizing the resources that are available on networked computers and deploying these resources whenever they're needed to handle higher traffic levels, such as after a Press Release, during the busy holiday shopping season or after being spread at social networking destinations.

Whether you need a reliable backup system, a web presence builder or a totally customized solution to your cloud webhosting needs, we can help. Please feel free to Contact us directly or learn more about the benefits of cloud based webhosting solutions at our Cloud Hosting Blog

Our Linux hosting solutions are an excellent choice for people who want fast-loading websites with a bunch of features.  You can run a popular blog software like Wordpress or you can use Web Presence Builder to create a static website.  If you prefer, you can do a combination of both.   

Reliable San Jose Web Hosting For Small Business

If you need to design and deploy an attractive website that comes complete with social media sharing and Facebook page publishing, be sure to take advantage of our no obligation free trial of Parallels 10.3 Web Presence Builder. It's the perfect solution for web designers in many industries including financial services, accounting, construction, beauty salons, spas, retail, restaurants, dining entertainment, churches and many others. It can easily be customized with your custom header or logo and pages can easily be modified to your specific needs.