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Content Creation Chores Are Enormous, Even For Businesses

Social media pundits have been pushing the idea of content creation as a marketing strategy for quite some time now. The idea is sound. If companies can create enough high-quality content, it helps them ‘get found‘ by consumers who might be looking for information about their products or services. Most people perform searches online now, especially when they’re looking to purchase. You may as well be found by them so they can at least consider your products or services.

Be warned, though, creating a lot of high quality content is an enormous task! It really takes quite a bit of time to turn out compelling content, so you better try and find someone in your organization who really loves the work to do it. Otherwise, they could get burned out on the job pretty fast. Creating content gets boring, especially when you’ve done it a lot and you start to repeat yourself! No matter what niche you’re covering, there will dawn a day when you’ve already said a lot about the subject and you’re struggling to come up with something new.

At that point you probably need to dip your toes into some other streams. YouTube video creation is always worth a few good laughs. There are two factors that make YouTube well worth your consideration:

1) It’s a Google property and they seem to favor it in their search. Add videos to your YouTube Channel and then make sure to embed and link to the videos from your blog.

Like this video: How To Edit/Find in Google Chrome.

2) People hate reading, or at least some people do. You can only reach these people through video channels because they just don’t enjoy text posts.

Complex Graph Example

Complex Graph Example

Not only can you add videos, but you can also enhance your blog posts with pictures. These can be photos you take yourself, or you can purchase images, or you can use screen captures. Not only that, you can output graphs or mind maps. Really, it’s up to your imagination.  The nice thing about pictures is that they do much better on Google+ and Facebook then a text post.  People are much likelier to engage with a picture on Facebook.  In fact, the difference is enormous.  If you haven’t been having too much success getting engagement on your company’s Facebook fan page, please try uploading videos and photos.  The better you get at either curating pictures or creating your own, the better chance you’ll have at people actually sharing your content.

As you make pictures and graphs and you create videos, you’ll soon run out of time in a day!  It takes a great deal of effort to churn out really excellent content.  That’s why you need to stay true to your overall content creation and marketing strategy.  It takes time and discipline to continue to distribute high-quality content that enhances your brand, but it is worth it.  Search engine and social media channels remain extremely cost effective and productive.  Motivated organizations who are willing to do the heavy lifting associated with creating content day in and day out are likely to have an advantage over their competitors who rely on traditional channels only.  The job is tough, but the results make it all worth while.

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