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Amazon Price Check App For Comparison Shopping Offline

Technology has changed the way people do almost everything these days - including holiday shopping.

Holiday Shopping

Holiday Shopping

Before the age of mobile phones, holiday shoppers had to rely on their guile and intuition to find the perfect gifts for everyone on their Christmas list. If you were in search of the trendy, most popular gift items for kids or adults, you might have faced fruitless hours walking  through retail stores, just hoping that they might have your item in stock. If the items you sought were unavailable, then someone went without the one thing they wanted.

Now that mobile technology has become prevalent, even holiday shopping has changed, especially with the addition of the Amazon Price App that allows shoppers to compare the prices of items their considering buying offline with online prices at Amazon.

The Amazon Price Check application is a free app available for both IPhone and Android mobile phone users. Once a user has downloaded the application to their phone they can use barcode scanning, their camera, speech or text to check Amazon.com for pricing available through their marketplace. Shoppers then can decide whether to buy an item at the retailer they’re at or order it through Amazon if they find a cheaper price.

To learn more about this free mobile app, please visit Amazon.com.

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