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Email And Web Security Threats Are Becoming More Malignant

Email spam has somewhat declined as botnets have been getting turned off, but those still in the spam game are getting much worse in the underhandedness of their threats. Spam used to be a job title for lots of unsavory folks who wanted to earn money through an easy technical means. It still is, but now spam has become the playground of hardcore criminals who have upped the stakes on the kind of threats they’re sending out.

You can expect all kinds of nasties in your email box, if you haven’t solved the problem already by employing cloud-based email scanning. Phishing attempts, in particular are on the rise, and the ‘bait and switch‘ wording they employ is growing even more sophisticated. For those who are not well-versed in security jargon and measures, the lure to click on a well-worded phishing attempt is often too great to resist, resulting in a security breach. It’s a cat and mouse game that has been going on for years.

These days, in the U.S. in particular, your company can’t afford to allow sophisticated phishing attempts to ever hit your mailboxes. To do so might cause a serious data breach, which could result in major headaches and even compliance problems. It’s not only the email threats that are becoming more severe. Even the risks imposed by botnets are worse as their programmers begin to introduce automation into the mix, prompting even larger and more complex attacks.

An example that displays the intensity of the new breed of threats is the automation of the SpyEye botnet. As the SpyEye network shows, even criminal programmers are working hard to introduce new features that make their botnets more efficient and effective. Those defending networks have to do the same in response.

If you’re responsible for security on a company network, it’s time to seriously consider the advantages of cloud-based secure communication services suites. The big advantage to employing such a suite like we do on our MostHost Cloud MXSweep plans, is deployment is simple and there are no upfront costs. Using a typical SAAS ‘pay as you go‘ delivery model, MostHost is able to save you money and get your network security up to speed rapidly. Our complete suite includes URL content filtering, email scanning, antivirus, archiving, as well as mobile and laptop security. The best part is we keep your solution up to date so the latest threats are constantly being accounted for and you won’t be ‘caught off guard.’

Cybercriminals are sharpening their skills. It’s time you moved to the secure cloud and discovered the difference a complete security solution can offer.

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