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Open-XChange To Unveil Next Generation Cloud Email

Open-XChange offers a robust open-source collaboration solution that runs on the cloud.  Next month, at their third annual summit, they will be unveiling a redesigned version that the company describes as ‘next generation.’  The next design will be available in the middle of 2012 and promises to operate in a way that users are familiar with.  One of the challenges of cloud applications is to make them as intuitive as possible so that users can quickly learn how to use them.


Open-XChange Groupware

Open-XChange is available on cloud services and is used by 3,500 business and organizations worldwide.  OX Groupware is a complete solution for collaboration including email, calendar, contacts and document management.  As we’ve pointed out in other posts, groupware is a great way to help people collaborate across long distances, which greatly enhances their productivity.

OpenXChange offers integration with mobile and social accounts, which helps employees more effectively use their data by allowing for centralized access.  You can manage multiple email accounts, Twitter, Yahoo, Google Mail, and much more, using an intuitive cloud-based interface.  Open-XChange licensing is available on a monthly or annual basis through cloud service providers like MostHost.  We offer YourMail Standard and YourMail Pro, depending on the needs of your organization on the MostHost Cloud in Luxembourg.

The developments that OX make for upcoming versions promise to be interesting.  Right now cloud-based business class email applications like Open-XChange are already robust, but poised for a ‘Golden Era‘ due to their many advantages over traditional mail services.  Cloud messaging removes many of the drawbacks traditionally associated with email and introduces a number of new advantages, that will likely mean the move towards cloud email will be continuous.

If you’re interesting in cloud email, you should check out Open-XChange today.

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