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Hyper-V Virtual Server Advantages

Hyper-V Virtual Private Servers are Windows VPS that run Windows Server 2008 R2 for maximum performance. Some people prefer Hyper-V servers for the simple fact that Windows Server 2008 R2 is designed for hosting high-quality websites on a Windows platform.

Virtual Private Servers or VPS have grown in popularity over the years, but Hyper-V represents a new generation of ‘cloud VPS‘ that offers truly dedicated resources. A Hyper V server combines the advantages of cloud hosting with the benefits of a VPS at a lower cost than a truly dedicated server. Selecting Hyper-V is a superior choice for website operators who desire stability and a high level of performance.

At MostHost, we offer Hyper-V Windows Server 2008 Virtual Private Servers on our MostCloud in Luxembourg. Your Windows server will be hosted at a Tier 4 facility that has been specifically selected for operational excellence and security. If you’re serious about running a high-availability Windows environment, choosing a Tier 4 data center is the way to go, because this offers the highest level of physical security and redundancy.

  • You can reboot your own server
  • Your resources are dedicated, without the higher cost of a dedicated server
  • Our solution is cloud-based. This includes high-availability and failover in a Tier 4 Data Center
  • You have complete control over your server
  • Includes Remote Desktop Access.
  • Premium Bandwidth
  • Fully managed.

If you need to host an ASP.NET 3.x website, a SQL Server 2008 database, Hosted Desktop Virtualization, Server Consolidation or any other Windows applications hosting, a Hyper-V Virtual Server may be right for you. Hyper-V VPS is great for a development or testing environment. You get complete control over the server administrator level access to your Windows Server as well as the ability to host multiple websites and to run custom database driven applications. You’re truly in the driver’s seat with your own Hyper-V VPS Virtual Private Server.

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