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The Joy Of Managed Web Hosting

The other day I happened to notice a post on Facebook where someone was asking for help setting permissions for a WordPress installation that went wrong.  I couldn’t help thinking, ‘this is a job for his web hosting company.’  So many people choose unmanaged web hosting services, despite the fact they may have no real idea of how to manage their servers or websites.  Considering fully managed services don’t really cost that much more, you have to wonder why this option is so popular.

Managed Web Hosts Stand Out From The Crowd

Managed Web Hosts stand out from the crowd.

Most people don’t select ‘unmanaged cars‘ when they purchase a new vehicle.  Since they’re investing a lot of money in a new vehicle, most of them opt to get a warranty.  That way a professional will fix the car if something goes wrong. This simple fact is very helpful for their peace of mind and long-term sanity.  For the person with the WordPress problem, he could have simply opened a trouble ticket and had his problem fixed by technical staff. His issue would be resolved, and he wouldn’t have to spend the weekend looking for someone to pay to do it. Managed web hosting helps you stay relaxed and focused on the important part of your web hosting.  You don’t need to micro-manage every detail, which can be tough when something goes wrong.

Sometimes Everyone Needs A Helping Hand

Nobody likes to think about all the things that go wrong, but unfortunately it’s a very long list. With web hosting even simple tasks can end up becoming complex and frustrating.  If you don’t have anyone to rely on, you’re going to end up feeling all alone and under intense pressure to fix your issue, especially if your website stopped working!  There’s no way around it.  There’s nothing worse than feeling that pressure and not being able to come up with the solution.  With managed hosts, you can simply delegate the task and expect a prompt resolution.

If you haven’t considered the advantages of managed web hosting before, it’s worth giving it some thought.  If your site was to go down with a technical issue, will your host be there to quickly and quietly fix the problem so you can get up and running quickly?  If the answer is ‘No,’ then you might need to switch.  No one can afford down-time.

Thanks for stopping by and reading this post.  If you have any comments, we’d love to hear them.  If you decide you want managed web hosting, check us out at MostHost.net.

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