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Web Security Software Increases Profits And Employee Productivity

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Are you a business owner with employees that are allowed to access the internet during work hours? If so, did you know that you could be losing thousands of dollars in payroll to lost productivity?

There’s no doubt that social networking websites can be used to help promote and grow your business, but when it’s just being used for fun, it can be a black hole of employee productivity (and hourly wages.)

Did you know that if you have 5 employees spending an average of an hour and half per day on personal business at popular social networking websites like Facebook or Twitter, this quickly adds up to 37.5 lost work hours per week? This is enough wasted hours for one full time position at your company! If you’re paying these 5 employees $17.00 per hour, this ends up costing your business an astounding $637.50 a week; $2550.00 a month or $30,600.00 per year. In today’s tight economy, virtually no business can afford to pay this kind of money for people to conduct personal business or to just waste time surfing the net.

How can I curtail my employees use of the internet during work hours?

Web security software gives employers the tools they need to set permission based rules for employees at their organization. This allows IT managers to set different rules for different levels of employees, from management to the janitorial team. For example, Jude’s Widget Company has 25 employees. Jude and Jade are the owners, Judy is the manager, Jim is the assistant manager, Jed is the IT manager, Jasper and Jillian head the social media division, 10 people work in sales, 6 people take care of customer service, along with 2 receptionists and one janitor.

All of these employees are expected to do their jobs, which aren’t all the same. Judy and Jim, the management team, might be given more access to the internet to do research or complete other management tasks. Jillian and Jasper are in charge of the social media team, so it makes sense to grant them more lenient access rules to the corporate Facebook or Twitter account. However, you might not want Jillian and Jasper to access their own personal Facebook page, except for during their lunch hour. Employees in the sales, customer service department and receptionists could have access controls set for their work needs, and the janitor probably wouldn’t need any kind of internet access in order to complete his job.

A web content filtering solution empowers business owners and IT departments to put different access controls for employees across the organization without causing issues that could arise from limiting access to the web or to individual websites. Since this is done on an IT level basis, managers avoid having to confront an employee concerning their web surfing habits during the work day, which makes the management job that much easier.

Furthermore, these web security controls help to protect your local are network from becoming infected with spyware, trojans, viruses and other malicious codes that could cripple your business’ computer network.

If you’d like to learn more about saving your company (or organization) tens of thousands of dollars in wasted payroll in lost productivity, we can help! Learn more about web security or click here for a risk free quote on web content filtering services.