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Your network is only as secure as the policies defined for securing it.  You can’t honestly expect employees to know exactly what to do to keep a network safe, especially if that’s not their primary job duty.  Luckily, you don’t have to.  Using a cloud web security solution, you can easily lock down and monitor your employees web surfing habits.  This will help you mitigate risks associated with internet traffic.

Utilizing URL content filtering, you can set tight limits on what websites are visited by your employees.  You can restrict their access to websites based on URL or to filetypes.  You can set the times of the day they’re allowed to surf and specifically allow them to visit certain sites only.  This type of control is flexible, allowing you to create rules that align with the real world goals of your organization and the surfing habits of your employees.

Stop Cyber Criminals Using Web Security

Monitoring Your Employee’s Use Of The Internet Is Good Practice

It’s almost always a good idea to eliminate access to certain types of sites, especially from work.  Adult traffic can be eliminated, as well as any subject matter you deem necessary.  It’s up to you and the ball is in your court when it comes to setting security policies that will then be automatically enforced.  It’s time to be the captain of the ship and lay down the law for your workforce!

Internet Monitoring Improves Security

The best part about URL content filtering is that it takes into account that some employees have to visit certain websites as part of their jobs.  That means the person in charge of social media marketing for your company will still be able to get into Facebook, but workers who don’t need the access for work-related purposed will remain barred from access!  That tight filtering means you can expect a more productive workforce, and far less danger to your network.  If compliance is one of your concerns, then URL content filtering that is policy-based is a boon.  You can ‘set’ the policies and ‘forget’ about having to enforce them because it’s all being done automatically.

If you’re responsible for the security of your organization, considering a web security service is a great idea.  One of the advantages of the advance of cloud computing is enhanced security due to physical restriction imposed by moving applications to the cloud.  Web security configuration is extremely easy, using an intuitive web control panel.  You can set whatever rules you like and they will be enforced for every user, every time they use your network.

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