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Web Hosting Seattle Has It’s Advantages

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If you’ve been thinking about using a web host with servers based in Seattle, here are some advantages of these services:

  • Geolocation Benefits - If you’re a small or medium sized business with offices or headquarters based in Seattle, hosting your website in the same geographical area will provide a fast website to your visitors from that area because there aren’t as many ‘hops’ between them and the server your site is hosted on. Long story made short, the less hops, the happier your visitor is.
  • Many Other Businesses Are Based In Seattle - Seattle is home to many notable businesses in technology, marketing, internet, intellectual property and retail stores. Some of the names you might recognize from the Seattle area include Starbucks, Corbis, Getty Images,, RealNetworks, Parallels,, and Alaska Airlines.
  • Close Proximity To The West Coast - Seattle is close to the west coast and the many technology companies that are headquartered there. This puts your website in close proximity to California based Google, which spiders the internet to return search results and Redmond, Washington based Microsoft Corporation which also drives search traffic to websites around the world.
Webhosting In Seattle

Webhosting In Seattle

Simply put, if your website is hosted on servers based in Seattle you’re only a few hops away from the larger networks that are in charge of driving larger traffic to your site, so that’s a direct benefit of choosing a web host with servers located there. By being more accessible to other servers, the better off you are.

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