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Planning A Trip? Don’t Fall Southwest Airlines Confirmation: SF48G6 Email

By in Email

If you’re planning a vacation or you have business travel planned, don’t be fooled by an Email that appears to be sent from Southwest Airlines confirming your reservations.

Southwest Airlines Email Alert

The Subject line of this Email says “Southwest Airlines Confirmation: SF48G6.”

The rest of the Email reads:

*Email address removed*
2013-06-25 6VZOJI INITIAL SLC WN PHX0.00T/TFF 0.00 END AY1.50$SLC3.50 4021509161118 2013-12-22 1630 2013-06-26
Depart SAN LEONARD CITY UT (SLC) at 6:42 PM on Southwest Airlines Arrive in PHOENIX AZ (PHX) at 11:22 PM

You’re all set for your traveling!

Southwest Airlines

(The options listed below are all clickable links to a compromised website)

My Account | View My Itinerary Online | Check Up Online | Check Trip Status | Change Flight | Special Offers | Hotel Deals | Car Deals

Ready to fly!

Thank You Southwest for your voyage! You’ll find everything you need about your booking below. Happy voyage!
Upcoming Trip: 06/26/13 - SLC - Phx Knight

In all, there are 9 suspicious links contained in this message, so be sure to delete this message from your inbox immediately to avoid getting a computer virus, a trojan or any other malicious code downloaded to your computer. Keep in mind that there might also be variations of this same message using a different confirmation number or flight destination, so your Email may vary.

If you found this post helpful, I ask that you kindly share it with friends and family so they can avoid the troubles this Email is ready to unleash. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!