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How To Start A Website In 2012

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It’s a new year and people are wondering how to start a website.  There’s no need talking about outdated ways of building websites any more, we live in a new era.  When you go start a website in 2012, you want to use tools that make your job so simple that anyone could do it. You don’t want to have to learn complicated programs just to build a website.  The quicker you can get to market, the faster you’ll see a return on your cash.

Let’s start with the basics. Every person who wants to have a website needs a domain name and a hosting plan. The features for both will depend on the hosting company you choose. But when it all comes down to it, these two items are essential and your website needs are no different.

Web Design Should Be Fun

Web Design Should Be Fun In 2012

All webmasters who are starting a website in 2012 will have to: 

  1. Register a domain if the website is brand new. Transfer an existing domain.
  2. Pay for a hosting plan.
  3. Transfer files to the website so they can be displayed online, or use a web site builder that makes your life that much easier.

How To Get Your Website On The Internet

The old school way of getting your website up and running was FTP.  That’s still available as an option.  Using this method, you’ll design your HTML offline, and then upload the files to the web server where they’ll display to the internet at large.

The modern way of doing business is to use either a Content Management System or a Web Presence Builder.  These tools are editors that helps you design your website on the server. You won’t have to upload the files.  You can merely click on publish when you’ve entered your articles, and the rest of the heavy lifting will be done automatically.  Using a CMS such as WordPress or a website builder like Parallels Web Presence Builder reduces the complexity of website development, allowing you to focus on other tasks.  Not only that, but your website will have a lot of features and will be very useful for visitors.

To Start A Website You Need A Domain And Hosting

That’s all you need. A registered domain and a hosting plan. If you select Web Presence Builder, you will have all the necessary tools to build a fully-functional and professional website. You can log in and manage all the functionality of your website when you select a control panel like Parallels Plesk Panel.  This panel allows to manage your hosting plan, domain, and provides Web Presence Builder for you to do the website creation.  In 2012, you don’t have to separate any of the functions that make up website development.  You can get them all done from one, intuitive cloud-based interface.

Check out this great video to learn more about cloud hosting and Parallels Plesk 10.4.  Click here to learn more about affordable Linux hosting plans for business.