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How A Virtual Phone Number Helps A Small Business Grow

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Virtual phone numbers are gaining in popularity as SoHo and SMB business owners learn all about their key advantages.  When you order a virtual phone system, you’re usually given the choice of getting either a local phone number, a toll free number, or both.  This is advantageous for anyone who is running a small business. Your treatment of inbound calls can end up determining whether you succeed or fail in a prospect’s mind. Companies that continuously miss phone calls miss sales as well.

Don’t let missed calls cost you sales any more!

Your Virtual Phone Line Helps You Create A Local Phone Presence

If you have a large concentration of customers in a certain area, it makes sense to offer them local phone presence. They will be much more comfortable calling a local phone number, which will help your retention rate while improving your overall business image. Your virtual receptionist will automate all of your incoming calls in a manner you specify. Call routing is a major part of any virtual phone service and can really help you cut down on or eliminate missed phone calls. Missed calls means irate customers, or missed sales opportunities. These are definitely issues you do not want arising if you’re running a growing business.

Your Virtual Phone Numbers Can Also Help Extend Your Business Presence Nationally

Infra Cloud Receptionist Helps Your Business Grow

With a Toll-Free number you can play ball on a national field, showing that you have what it takes to make it in the Big Leagues. Having a toll free phone number and a virtual receptionist allows you to sell to everyone nationally, and stay open all night! You can create a helpful After Hours menu that tells potential customers exactly what they need to know. You can even create an emergency extension if there are certain phone calls you HAVE to answer.  The decision is yours and the power is in your hands with a virtual phone system.

Virtual Phone Numbers Are Perfect For Tracking Marketing Results

A unique feature of a virtual phone number is it can be used for any purpose, including tracking your marketing efforts.  You can add a phone number to your Infra Cloud Receptionist plan and use it for tracking. You can even add a bank of numbers and then program the extensions to go to whichever sales people you like.  Rewarding your best sales people with the hottest leads is just one of the many features available to you.

At MostHost, we sell Infra Cloud Receptionist by Infratel because it solves the problems faced by SMBs and SoHo operators effectively. This month we’re encouraging everyone to try this unique solution.  We have a 30 day free trial offer that can get you up and running so you can experiment with a virtual phone system that has been designed specifically to meet your needs.

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