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Encryption Protects Data Stored On USB Drives, CD’s And DVD’s

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If your company stores sensitive data about clients, customers or patients on removable media such as USB thumb drives, CD’s or DVD’s, protecting this sensitive information from being accessed by the wrong people is key to preventing a security breach within your organization. In recent news, encryption could have been key to protecting information that...

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Small Business Internet Security Survey Turns Up Interesting Data

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The results of the annual Small Business Internet Security Survey, conducted by Zogby International in partnership with Symantec and the National Cyber Security Alliance turned up interesting data on how Small businesses addressed Internet security concerns within their organizations. 1,045 Americans were polled for the study. Key Findings 76% of those polled said...

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How To Stop Press Release Information From Early Publication Using Encryption Services

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In today’s fast paced news reporting cycle, keeping embargoed news a secret can be a challenge for Corporations and Public Relations firms everywhere. Embargoed news is information that’s provided to journalists with the understanding that it won’t be released to the general public until a specific date or time. Typical embargoed news stories could...

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Affiliates Also Responsible For Image Rights Says Lawsuit

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A recent lawsuit involving and one of their affiliates points out that you have the ultimate responsibility for any pictures posted online.  As you might know, pictures of people require a model’s consent form before they’re published online, or the consequences can end up like they did in this case. This particular case involves a married...

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