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Get Your Florida Business Phone Number Here

By in Business, Cloud

If you’re starting a new business in Florida there’s no doubt that you’ll want a great new phone number - and a professional answering system - to get your venture up and running. It’s Quick And Easy To Get A Florida Based Business Phone Number No matter whether your new operation is based in Clearwater, Cocoa Beach, Fort Myers,...

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Web Design Software For Windows

By in Business, Web Presence Builder

Designing a great website almost always comes down to the fine details - and rendering correctly in Internet Explorer is a detail that shouldn’t be overlooked, as it’s still one of the most popular web browsers being used today. That’s one of the reasons many people design websites using software for Windows. By using a software solution...

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Cloud Phone Providers Step Up Your Business Image

By in Business, Cloud, Mobile

Owning and operating a small and growing business can certainly have it’s share of challenges, but offering a professional phone system for incoming phone calls no longer has to be one of them. Not that long ago, only larger companies had the resources and technology to provide callers features like the ability to call by extension, by department, to offer...

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Cloud Online Backup Protects Key Data

By in Business, Cloud, Internet Security

“You don’t realize what you’ve got until it’s gone.” That’s a tough lesson that many people have learned after suffering from a data loss, whether it was caused  by hardware failure or human error. Either way, losing all of your important data puts you in a bad position because restoring the data becomes your number one priority...

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