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Business Email Spam Filtering Saves Time And Money

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If you’re looking for an intelligent and economical way to make employees at your business more productive, business Email spam filtering is something that you should consider to save both money and time.

Why Email Filtering?

While Email filtering might not come to mind as a way to save money at your business, adding this layer of protection can actually help your business in a number of ways. One of the most important ways it helps is by filtering all incoming Email and scanning the messages for likely spam, viruses and unwanted Email.

Email Scanning Protects Your Corporate Network

Business Email Filtering Saves Time And Money

Business Email Filtering Saves Time And Money

By scanning for these types of messages in a cloud environment, any messages that are deemed to contain viruses or are likely spam are quarantined in the ‘cloud’ and aren’t directly delivered to your corporate Email boxes - preventing them from becoming a liability to your network. This simple precaution protects your network by stopping your personnel from accidentally clicking on malicious links or infected attachments that could lead to computer viruses and inappropriate content in your workplace. Needless to say, this is a godsend for IT managers because it just makes their job easier.

Employees Can Stop Spending Time Managing Their Inboxes

Secondly, Email filtering helps save employees time by not having to delete unwanted or unauthorized Email messages while they’re on the job. While this might not seem like a big deal as a standalone concept, if you have hundred employees that have to delete  50 to 100 messages daily, this cumulatively adds up to hundreds of manpower hours spent sorting and deleting Email messages. Multiply the hours spent sorting Email by the hourly wages and you can see that you’re losing profitability and productivity quickly.

Management Tools Make It Easy To Monitor Email

An easy to use management console gives IT managers the tools they need to monitor and regulate Email messages being sent to employees and other personnel. By having a diverse tool set to manage incoming Emails, IT managers can ‘whitelist’ or ‘blacklist’ senders and control what legitimate Email gets delivered in their Organization.

This is helpful because you might not want to accept all incoming mail, even if it’s valid. An example of this might be notification messages from social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Klout or other sites. For instance, Katie (the employee) might want to be alerted that 17 people have liked her update or commented on a photo, this isn’t really pertinent to her job at ACME company and can be filtered out from being delivered to her business Email account.

Start Filtering Business Email Correspondence Today!

There’s no time like the present to start increasing productivity and decreasing the amount of Email being sent to your business, SaaS based Email filtering is the solution for you. Please visit MostHost Email Security to get started today!