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Don’t Click On Email Or Links Contained In Delta Airline Email

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As the holiday travel season starts to kick into high gear, Delta Airlines is alerting people not to click on links or files in Emails that claim to originate from them, as this is one of the latest phishing attacks unleashed on the internet.

Don't Catch A Nasty Virus While Drinking Your Coffee

Don't Catch A Nasty Virus While Drinking Your Coffee

The Email is designed to fool recipients into clicking on an infected link or file by claiming that ¬†you’ve purchased a Delta ticket, a credit card has been charged and/or an invoice or receipt is attached to the email. If you get one of these Emails, be sure to immediately delete the message and most definitely, do not click on anything contained in the message!

Delta confirmed they didn’t send these Email messages and advise customers to avoid opening or clicking on any links in this Email, to delete the message immediately and to change the PIN number associated with their SkyMiles card, as well as monitor their account for any misuse. They further assured that customer’s credit cards haven’t been charged as a result of this Email and anyone with questions or concerns should contact them by phone.

The cost of being caught up in a phishing attack can be great and could include computer damage, financial loss or even identity theft. All of these outcomes are bad.

Protecting yourself from receiving these types of malicious ¬†correspondences using cloud based Email security¬†software prevents this type of Email message from being delivered to your inbox in the first place, so you don’t have to worry about getting duped into clicking on something that you shouldn’t.

As always, stay diligent about what you click on in Emails to prevent a cyber attack on your computer and your financial life.